About Us.

We began creating beard products when Jacob was unsatisfied with the option of beard products in our city. Some barbershops had them but were ridiculously overpriced and could not find scents that Jacob found stimulating. He began doing some research and playing around with some concoctions, like a mad scientist trying to find the antidote for Dr. Jekel and Mr. Hide. It took a long time to develop the scents and a wax and balm that would withstand the elements. Then one day, Jacob emerged from the darkness of the drab kitchen with the beard and moustache wax, balm and oil that we present you today. We are so pleased to introduce you to our products. Do you live your live by the seat of your pants? Are you always up for adventure and mystery? You may just be a Bearded Nomad. Life is wild, but your beard doesn't have to be. Our products help tame your man-mane so your lady won't complain!